Privacy Laws & Data Protection

In this digital age, consumer data is the coin of the realm. But, with the benefits of that data come legal obligations to protect the privacy and security of consumers’ personal information from hackers, identity thieves and other criminals. Compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to the collection, use, sale, or transfer of information about consumers is critical to corporate risk management.

Privacy & Data Protection

From critical communications infrastructure industries to any business with a website, app, or internet-based operations, almost every company must comply with a wide range of privacy, data protection laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Kirpal & Associates has guided numerous companies through dramatic technology-propelled changes, helping clients remain in compliance and advance their business goals effectively. We provide comprehensive, forward thinking Privacy and data Protection services to clients (non-exhaustive) :

  • Privacy : Counseling on electronic marketing issues under local and international laws, such as the federal CAN-SPAM Act, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

  • Privacy : Drafting and negotiating contracts for vendors and service providers supporting digital content, services, and marketing activities

  • Privacy : Counseling and developing privacy and other consumer-facing agreements and disclosures, including terms of use/service agreements, content submission agreements, licenses for third-party sharing, and publicity and liability releases related to websites, mobile apps, and Internet of Things components.

  • Data Protection : Counseling on internet taxation, e-commerce/mobile payments, and payment card standards

  • Data Protection : Counseling on and formulating policy and agreements related to database management and storage

  • Data Protection : Counseling and developing written personal information security standards and policies

Data privacy & litigation

Kirpal & Associates experts lawyers are here to help businesses understand and comply with the evolving laws and standards that regulate the collection, use, sharing, and protection of personal data. In addition, we stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry by participating in events such as the Tech and Ops Conference.

In need of Privacy advice?

In need of Privacy advice?